MeOur Vision
“The uncreative mind can spot wrong answers, but it takes a very creative mind to spot wrong questions.” – Antony Jay

Imagine a world where everyone is the same. In what situation can you make your “mark” and stand out as an individual? That is what we, at Creative Cntrl, are trying to establish! Day in and day out, people succumb to the pressure or anxieties of having a dream without utilizing their full potential. I know this because I was once in that situation. To me, my creativity and skills were constantly evolving; all input, but no output. So I decided to start something that would allow someone to create a foundation. A base from which they can build their vision. Whether it be a logo for a new or existing company, an image for an album, or a simple t-shirt graphic. We are here to make what you believe in come to life.

With credited experience and knowledge in the Graphic Design and Arts community, we are here to assist your ambitions and create something new. The creativity is in your control.

Caelan Murray-Leung

Freelance Graphic Designer and Owner of Creative Cntrl.



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