The “What I See” Series: Part 2

The beach. Well, Port Dover beach to be exact, has always been a hotspot for many tourists over the years (myself included). The other half and I have been talking about going to the beach for a while since the brisk spring began rolling in way back in March/April and we luckily found ourselves with a day that had moderate cloud cover, a comfortable daylight warmth, and nothing to do… SO WE WENT TO THE BEACH! Port Dover is only about a 45 minute drive from where we live so it didn’t take long to get there. We packed a lunch and some towels (and of course my new Canon T2i camera) with the main focus being to relax and enjoy the day together (which we did!).


I couldn’t help but notice that what makes the experience of being at a beach so fun and memorable has nothing to do with the sand and the water, but about the people who are there. Well that’s my own personal opinion, but aside from having the sand somehow enter every crevasse known to mankind, I think the people make it what it is.


We see a gathering of other inhabitants of this earth all with the similar intention of enjoying a nice sunny day with ourselves or loved ones, and I find that relaxing. What I enjoy most about it is being able to see all sorts of different people, all with one similar thing in mind; relaxing at the beach. You get the work out junkies that go to the beach only to show off their body (or so it seems), the young family with their children experiencing sand for the first time (sometimes as a delectable too), the old retired couple reading a book, or even the “middle-aged” males with the intention of snapping iPhone pictures of girls in bikinis (yes, there was in fact a guy doing that while we were there, but don’t worry, he was yelled at by some passerby’s lol).


It’s all just so fascinating being able to observe things and be able to capture them in the moment! It’s nice that a picture can retain a memory too. I like that a lot.



When we were all beached out, we decided to stroll into town and see what was open. Unfortunately, the mini golf was closed, but there were some mini shops open with antiques and clothes that I wouldn’t mind going back for. Also, it must be a location thing, but I feel like all beach towns have the same architecture and colour styling that make an even stronger connection between the tourist and the beach. The bright blue wall sidings, the sidewalk sales, oh, and how it’s almost mandatory to get fries or ice cream!


Side Note: Even though most beach towns all have good tasting fries, the shop in Southampton called Gerry’s Fast Food will forever have my heart in best beach fries. Hopefully I’ll have time this summer to go up and have a bite!



Anyways, I feel like I’ve rambled on enough about the beach… But I enjoy sharing my adventures through the “What I See” series. People don’t often see things from another person’s perspective which is why I love photography so much. It offers someone the opportunity to see something and interpret it however they wish. I’ll be posting more once I finish some adventures that I have in mind, but I hope you enjoyed today’s post and feel inspired to photograph something (or go to the beach and relax).

Till next time,


Photographer/Editor: Caelan Murray-Leung

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